About us

We’re not your typical bunch of construction trainers.

As a not-for-profit that is passionate about growth, innovation, and equal opportunity within the construction industry, we don’t just provide our leaners with the practical skills they need to carve out a fantastic career in their chosen trade. We nurture their interests, we guide their progression, and we equip them with the tools they need to enter the workforce with confidence in themselves and genuine enthusiasm for their role.

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Focusing on the bigger picture

Our team takes our leaners success seriously, and our aim is always to get them into paid employment at the end of their programme. From connecting them with local employers to assisting with job applications and helping them prepare for interviews, we support our learners in a variety of ways beyond simply delivering their programme content. We find that this gives our students the edge in a post-Covid world, where their skills are in high demand and the landscape is more competitive than it has ever been.

Delivering a positive experience for everyone

ACE is committed to treating all colleagues, clients, students, and visitors fairly, and operates a zero-tolerance approach to unjustifiable discrimination on any grounds. We promote British Values (defined by Ofsted as Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty and Respect & Tolerance) to all students, and we welcome students with different faiths and beliefs.

Working towards the greater good

We are committed to promoting sustainability in our industry.

By finding practical, effective ways to reduce waste and give back to our community, we’re encouraging our learners to make a real difference in both their personal and professional lives. Click the link below to learn more about our green initiatives.


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