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Find out why so many young people choose to start building a career in construction with ACE Training

ACE is more than a construction college. We provide a friendly yet results-focused learning environment that’s designed to help every student reach the goals they set for themselves, regardless of their age or previous experience.

Clear objectives, tailored to suit every student

All students in our care are given an individualised programme containing the learning support they need, along with individual targets for progression. They are pushed to achieve more and enter the workforce faster – and they are helped along the way by specialist tutors with recent, real-world industry experience.

Unrivalled pastoral care

We care about our students’ success, and we will do everything we can to nurture them as they progress through their chosen training programme(s). Our pastoral team will go above and beyond to monitor your child’s progress and ensure they have the practical and emotional support they need to excel. We will keep a particularly close eye on vulnerable individuals and will work closely with families to guide students through any challenges they face, both inside and outside the classroom.

Community focus

We aim to instill strong community values in everyone who studies with ACE, so our learners have a greater awareness of how their work impacts the wider environment and how their decisions help to shape our society’s future. From litter picking initiatives to donating handmade pieces to local schools, nurseries, and charitable groups, we run all kinds of community-focused schemes to benefit our students and the people close to us.

Government funded programmes available

Depending on your child’s age and the programme’s entry criteria, their pre-apprenticeship or apprenticeship will often be entirely funded by the government and/or the employer that is putting them through the scheme.

Free or subsidised facilities

If your is a child pre-apprentice learner and received free meals during their time at secondary school, these meals will continue to be subsidised during their time with ACE Training. We also run a free minibus service for pre-apprentice learners wherever possible to ensure distance is never a barrier to learning. Please contact us for more information and to check your child’s eligibility for our free or subsidised facilities.

English, Maths and Digital Skills and Employability Skills support

By offering a suite of functional skills courses, we make sure that no one is left behind when it comes to achieving the necessary qualifications. Completing these awards helps our learners gain more confidence in their knowledge (and having this accreditation boosts their employability, too).

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