Waste Collection

Your local waste carrier

ACE is registered as a lower tier waste carrier, broker, and dealer. (If you’d like to look us up for extra peace of mind, our registration number is CBDL141231 – or you can just click here.)

This means we are licensed to re-purpose waste and excess building materials from Oxfordshire sites for our students to use in their workshops.

Reusing and recycling as many resources as we can is central to our ‘green’ strategy. We’re passionate about keeping the impact of our trade to a minimum to protect our environment, and we enjoy helping local businesses out, too.

We are particularly interested in picking up wood/timber and whole bricks/blocks. We may be able to use other materials such as pipework and metal, depending on quantities. 

If you are a builder with excess materials at the end of a job, call us on 01865 370040 to enquire about our site clearance service and arrange a collection.

Working towards the greater good

We are committed to promoting sustainability in our industry.

By finding practical, effective ways to reduce waste and give back to our community, we’re encouraging our learners to make a real difference in both their personal and professional lives. Click the link below to learn more about our green initiatives.

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