Pre-apprenticeship bricklaying courses

Take your first step into a career as a bricklayer.

Our pre-apprentice programmes deliver great success working with full time students who want to progress into apprenticeships, full time employment and further education. These full-time courses are condensed into three days to give our learners more flexibility – and they can be started at any point in the year thanks to our roll on/roll off programmes.

Pre-Apprenticeship Bricklaying (Level 1)

Learn trowel skills and how to build and repair walls, as well as how to construct cavity walling and chimneys using various different brickwork techniques.

On completion of the course, you will be awarded a Level 1 Diploma in Bricklaying, and ACE will support you to complete your CSCS test.

You will need to attend our training centre three days per week, Wednesday to Friday. This course usually lasts between 6 and 9 months. On completion, you’ll have the opportunity to progress onto a Level 2 Apprenticeship.

Our Functional Skills qualifications are designed to be completed while you’re working towards certification in your chosen trade or industry.

These Level 1 and Level 2 courses will teach you to apply core skills to everyday work situations, which in turn will boost your employment potential and give you extra confidence in applying your Maths and English knowledge plus Digital and Employability skills at work and at home.

For those who have not yet achieved a GCSE in Maths or English, there’s no need to worry. At ACE Training, we are committed to helping you secure a recognised qualification in these fundamental subjects. If you received grade 1 or 2 in GCSE Maths and/or English, you will work towards a Functional Skills qualification in these subjects. Our focused sessions are delivered in small groups, ensuring personalised attention and an educational experience that is highly relevant to your specific trade.

If you received a grade 3 at GCSE Maths or English, our tutors will work with you in in small group sessions and set you up to retake your GCSE in these subjects when you are ready.

Josh's story

Josh joined ACE as a Pre Apprentice in 2022 and he successfully secured an Apprenticeship at the start of 2024. Josh knew from year 9 that he wanted to be a Bricklayer and talks to us about his journey to date…

A lot of my family are tradespeople so firstly, I heard about ACE from my cousins who also attended here. Then the careers lead at my school talked me about the opportunities here. It seemed like a good fit for me.

The amount of practical work we do. It is great to be able to practise the skills we learn and have experienced tutors to support and guide you. I also like being part of the community work we do. Recently I have helped build a wall for a community project on our estate, and the team regularly make items for schools and do charitable events such as distribute food hampers. I have recently secured an Apprenticeship which I am extremely happy about and I will continue my training here with the team at ACE.

We are more practical here and that suits me. I enjoy being in the workshops and just getting on. Also, we get a lot of support from Sonia our course coordinator and things like the free mini bus service for the Pre Apprentice learners are a huge bonus.

For any trade I would say do your research. Talk to people who are doing that job and look at college courses and see what best suits you and find a programme that works for you. Like I said, when I was a Pre Apprentice I loved the amount of time we spent in the workshop so ACE suited and still suits me!

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