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Are you looking for an Apprentice? Do you have a team that would currently benefit from an Apprentice?

ACE works with employers of all sizes to deliver high quality construction apprenticeship training across Oxfordshire and its surrounding areas.

Unlike many other training providers, we offer day release programmes instead of booking learners in for block training. This means that your Apprentice won’t be off the tools for a week at a time, which can lead to productivity issues and impact the smooth running of your projects. Generally, Apprentices will do one day per week with ACE, on a Monday or Tuesday – but we can always be flexible to suit your needs and that of your business.

Working to ensure a valuable and stress-free experience for you, your teams, and your apprentices, we can be as hands on as you want us to be. Contact us directly for more information on how we find, place and train construction apprentices, or read on to learn more about the advantages of finding and investing in the right candidates.

Considering taking on an apprentice?

ACE Training is a specialist training centre for a variety of trades, including brickwork, bench joinery, site carpentry, and property maintenance.

We provide local employers with top candidates who are focused and mature enough to get their careers off to a flying start.


There are some cost considerations to taking on an apprentice, not least that you will need to accommodate your learner(s) onsite. However, there are three key benefits to developing the skills of a young person (or young people) in this way:

Train to retain

64% of apprentices will continue working with the same employer once they have finished their studies. Retaining staff for longer reduces recruitment costs.

Train to meet your needs

Our apprenticeships can be tailored to suit the growth goals of your business, so you get precisely what you need from your investment.

Train to future-proof your workforce

New talent means new ideas – and bringing in the next generation of tradespeople is what’s going to keep your business competitive!

How we can help

We can access funding for apprentices of all ages, subject to the status of their employer (you) and the value of the employer contribution that’s required to get them up and running.

We work with employers paying the Apprenticeship Levy and those who are non-levy payers. We hold a direct contract for non-levy apprenticeship funding with the Education & Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), and we are on the Register of Apprenticeship Providers (ROATP).

We can also help companies who are registered with the CITB to access their apprenticeship grant system, even if those companies have contacted directly with ACE to train their staff. 

Comprehensive support from a unique training provider

ACE is an independent, not-for-profit college. This means we can supply tailored training to support the skills and growth objectives of any organisation.

We’re here to help you:

UNDERSTAND how apprenticeships work

Let us show you how you, as a busy employer, can get the most value from apprenticeship schemes.

FIND the right candidates for your role(s)

We will help you find and meet apprentice candidates from our pre-Apprenticeship courses and also via advertisements we can run on your behalf, free-of-charge.

FUND your apprentice training

We will help you make sense of the apprenticeship funding that’s available, including employer incentive payments, employer contributions, and wage costs.

ACCESS grants where possible

We will help you access potential CITB employer grants to help cover the costs of employing apprentices within your company.

SAVE time and internal resources

Completing the required paperwork can be a real time-drain for your staff. Allow us to take on the admin and get these time-consuming tasks off your desk.

SUPPORT your learners

We will provide ongoing support and guidance for both you and your apprentices through the programme to ensure everyone enjoys a positive experience from start to finish.

Unlike many other training providers, we offer day release programmes instead of booking students in for block training. This means that your apprentices won’t be off the tools for a week at a time, which can lead to productivity issues and impact the smooth-running of your projects. Generally, apprentices will do one day per week with ACE, on a Monday or Tuesday – but we can always be flexible.

OSAT (On Site Assessment Training)

The CSCS card is now standard on most building sites, and this means that you or your staff may need to prove your qualifications and experience in order to work or contract on site.

On Site Assessment Training (OSAT) is a system for quickly assessing experienced staff in the qualifications needed to prove they can do the job. ACE can do this for you. This assessment happens over remote meetings, videos, photos and professional discussion. After demonstrating various skills, your staff will be awarded the appropriate NVQ certificate, allowing them to access the correct level of CSCS card.

We can be flexible, plus, if you are training apprentices with us, we can combine OSAT with apprentice support visits to maximise everyone’s time.


Contact us to learn more

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